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Classical Pianist, Svetlana Smolina, performing on the Chickering piano in November 2023


Pianist Alina Kiryayeva performs on the Chickering piano at a concert on February 24, 2017. CLICK HERE to read more about the restoration of the Chickering concert grand piano in our history.

The beginning! 1948 Scrapbook of Community Concerts. 

JUDY CARMICHAEL - September 17, 2022

“...I love the freedom and joy from listening to jazz...(Judy’s) visit here was a memorable, inspiring, special treat.” LCA President, Larry Li


“As a classical violinist, the entire genre of jazz was one that I had yet to experience prior to Judy Carmichael’s concert in Lompoc. She truly made the most sophisticated of tunes light, vibrant, and filled with soul. Her electric stage presence and vivid anecdotes made the audience feel as if they were on this music journey with her, adding even more to the feeling of love, expression and acceptance that goes hand-in-hand with the jazz experience.” Kaitlyn Green, Cabrillo High liaison to LCA

Christopher Parkening, one of the world’s preeminent virtuosos of the classical guitar, performed for LCA in 1970. The Park Brothers, who performed for LCA in 2022, were taught by Parkening at Pepperdine University.

Student Kaitlyn Greenwood opens the Jason Stoll concert with a performance in Feb. 2023

Pianist Jason Stoll - Feb. '23